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International Journal of Ophthalmology-IJO, published continuously since 2008, a global ophthalmological scientific publication and a peer-reviewed, open access periodical published in print and online monthly (ISSN: 2222-3959 print, ISSN: 2227-4898 online).This journal is sponsored by Xi'an Medical Association, China and obtains guidance and support from WHO and ICO/IFOS. It is the only ophthalmological periodical in China indexed by the most authoritative international searching organization-SCIE.

The journal is published on the 18th of every month. The price is 30$ for each issue , 360$ for one year’s subscription. After this change, we still stick to the goal of IJO “Let Chinese ophthalmology move towards world, and let world ophthalmology understand China”, and provide you distinguished, high quality and efficient service. IJO would like to cooperate with all the distinguished ophthalmologists both at home and abroad so that we can make outstanding contributions in promoting the communication and development of international ophthalmology.



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