Volume 10,Issue 11,2017 Table of Contents

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Basic Research

DNA vaccine expressing herpes simplex virus 1 glycoprotein C and D protects mice against herpes simplex keratitis
  Li-Li Dong, Ru Tang, Yu-Jia Zhai, Tejsu Malla and Kai Hu
  2017,10(11):1633-1639 [Abstract]  [View PDF(816.66 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Histopathologic findings of keratoconus corneas underwent penetrating keratoplasty according to topographic measurements and keratoconus severity
  Mohammad Naderan, Ali Jahanrad and Siavash Balali
  2017,10(11):1640-1646 [Abstract]  [View PDF(299.79 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Effect of itraconazole on the cornea in a murine suture model and penetrating keratoplasty model
  Yang Kyung Cho, Eun Young Shin, Hironori Uehara and Balamurali Ambati
  2017,10(11):1647-1654 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.60 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Expression of multidrug resistance proteins in retinoblastoma
  Swati Shukla, Arpna Srivastava, Sunil Kumar, Usha Singh, Sandeep Goswami, Bhavna Chawla, Mandeep Singh Bajaj, Seema Kashyap and Jasbir Kaur
  2017,10(11):1655-1661 [Abstract]  [View PDF(921.72 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Protective effect of pomegranate juice on retinal oxidative stress in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
  Betul Tugcu, Senay Asik Nacaroglu, Asuman Gedikbasi, Mehmet Uhri, Nur Acar and Hakan Ozdemir
  2017,10(11):1662-1668 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.24 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Clinical Research

Effect of mistletoe combined with carboxymethyl cellulose on dry eye in postmenopausal women
  Nan Jiang, Lin-Hong Ye, Lei Ye, Jing Yu, Qi-Chen Yang, Qing Yuan, Pei-Wen Zhu and Yi Shao
  2017,10(11):1669-1677 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.82 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Femtosecond laser corneal refractive surgery for the correction of high myopic anisometropic amblyopia in juveniles
  Jing Zhang and Ke-Ming Yu
  2017,10(11):1678-1685 [Abstract]  [View PDF(935.27 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Scanning-slit topography in patients with keratoconus
  László Módis Jr., Gábor Németh, Eszter Szalai, Zsuzsa Flaskó and Berthold Seitz
  2017,10(11):1686-1692 [Abstract]  [View PDF(433.30 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Phacoemulsification combined with transpupillary removal of silicone oil and intracapsular intraocular lens implantation
  Yu-Cheng Zhu, Dong-Qing Yuan, Ping Xie, Xiao-Yi Liu, Song-Tao Yuan and Qing-Huai Liu
  2017,10(11):1693-1697 [Abstract]  [View PDF(480.64 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Prospective study of Centurion® versus Infiniti® phacoemulsification systems: surgical and visual outcomes
  Lawrence J. Oh, Chu Luan Nguyen, Eugene Wong, Samuel S.Y. Wang and Ian C. Francis
  2017,10(11):1698-1702 [Abstract]  [View PDF(485.55 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Repeatability of Ophtha Top topography and comparison with IOL-Master and LenstarLS900 in cataract patients
  Sha-Sha Yu, Hui Song and Xin Tang
  2017,10(11):1703-1709 [Abstract]  [View PDF(795.75 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Bimanual microincision cataract surgery with implantation of the new Incise® MJ14 intraocular lens through a 1.4 mm incision
  Gian Maria Cavallini, Tommaso Verdina, Michele De Maria, Elisa Fornasari, Giulio Torlai, Veronica Volante, Simone Donati and Carlo Cagini
  2017,10(11):1710-1715 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.27 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
The prognostic value of lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio in retinopathy of prematurity
  Yu-Xiang Hu, Xiao-Xuan Xu, Yi Shao, Gao-Le Yuan, Feng Mei, Quan Zhou, Yi Cheng, Jun Wang and Xiao-Rong Wu
  2017,10(11):1716-1721 [Abstract]  [View PDF(470.36 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
A predictive score for retinopathy of prematurity by using clinical risk factors and serum insulin-like growth factor-1 levels
  Yeşim Coşkun, Ceyhun Dalkan, Özge Yabaş, Özlem ünay Demirel, Elif Samiye Bayar, Sibel Sakarya, Tuba Müftüoğlu, Dilaver Erşanlı, Nerin Bahçeciler and İpek Akman
  2017,10(11):1722-1727 [Abstract]  [View PDF(575.26 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Validity of automated refraction after segmented refractive multifocal intraocular lens implantation
  César Albarrán-Diego, Gonzalo Muñoz, Stephanie Rohrweck, Santiago García-Lázaro and José Ricardo Albero
  2017,10(11):1728-1733 [Abstract]  [View PDF(442.07 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]


The effect of cataract surgery on sleep quality: a systematic review and Meta-analysis
  Ling Zheng, Xiao-Hang Wu and Hao-Tian Lin
  2017,10(11):1734-1741 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.09 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Predictive factors of visual function recovery after pituitary adenoma resection: a literature review and Meta-analysis
  Min Sun, Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Chi-Yuan Ma, Sui-Hua Chen and Xin-Jian Chen
  2017,10(11):1742-1750 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.76 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]


Adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscopy in fundus imaging, a review and update
  Bing Zhang, Ni Li, Jie Kang, Yi He and Xiao-Ming Chen
  2017,10(11):1751-1758 [Abstract]  [View PDF(722.40 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]


Potential role of Müller cells in the pathogenesis of macropsia associated with epiretinal membrane: a hypothesis revisited
  Ahmet Colakoglu and Solmaz Balci Akar
  2017,10(11):1759-1767 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.19 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Brief Report

A new interpretation and quantitative method for diplopia test: 304 cases of ocular motor nerve palsy for clinical test and verify
  Ling-Yun Zhou, Tie-Juan Liu, Xue-Mei Li, Chang Su, Xiao-Jie Ji and Ming Zhao
  2017,10(11):1768-1770 [Abstract]  [View PDF(724.13 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
The prevalence of uncorrected refractive error in urban, suburban, exurban and rural primary school children in Indonesian population
  Indra Tri Mahayana, Sagung Gede Indrawati and Suhardjo Pawiroranu
  2017,10(11):1771-1776 [Abstract]  [View PDF(321.02 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
The use of choline in association with the Bangerter filters for the treatment of amblyopia
  Lelio Sabetti, Francesco Masedu, Chiara Tresca, Federica Bianchi and Marco Valenti
  2017,10(11):1777-1778 [Abstract]  [View PDF(264.92 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Letter to the Editor

Optical coherence tomography changes following vitrectomy for long standing premacular hemorrhage in Valsalva retinopathy
  Vinod Kumar
  2017,10(11):1779-1782 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.83 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Acquired ptosis associated with oculomotor and contralateral facial nerve synkinesis: the first reported case
  Mauro Tarallo, Magda Gharbiya, Maria Giuseppina Onesti, Andrea Conversi, Marco Toscani, Pasquale Fino, Nicolò Scuderi and Giuseppe Di Taranto
  2017,10(11):1783-1785 [Abstract]  [View PDF(505.33 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Combined penetrating keratoplasty, pars plana vitrectomy and Ahmed glaucoma valve implant after open globe injury: a challenging approach
  João Beato, António B. Melo, Pedro A. Faria, Luís Torrão and Fernando Falcão-Reis
  2017,10(11):1786-1788 [Abstract]  [View PDF(555.37 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Comment and Response

Comment on “The diurnal variation pattern of choroidal thickness in macular region of young healthy female individuals using spectral domain optical coherence tomography”
  Salih Uzun, Emre Pehlivan and Mehmet Gulmez
  2017,10(11):1789-1790 [Abstract]  [View PDF(216.01 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]