Volume 12,Issue 6,2019 Table of Contents

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Basic Research

Effects of the long wavelength-filtered continuous spectrum on natural refractive development in juvenile guinea pigs
  Rui-Qin Li, Wei-Zhong Lan, Xiao-Ning Li, Hao-Ran Wu, Qing-Lin Xu, Hong Zhong, Wen-Tao Li and Zhi-Kuan Yang
  2019,12(6):883-891 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.05 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Semaphorin 7a participants in pterygium by regulating vascular endothelial growth factor
  Yun-Fei Han, Zhen Liu, Bang Wang, Wei Zhu, Jing-Zhen Li, Yue-Qin Qi, Xiao-Jing Li, Yan-Yun Xu, Xiao-Xiao Dou and Guo-Ying Mu
  2019,12(6):892-897 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.01 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Inhibition of LOX-1 alleviates the proinflammatory effects of high-mobility group box 1 in Aspergillus fumigatus keratitis
  Jia-Qian Jiang, Cui Li, Cong-Xian Cui, Yu-Na Ma, Gui-Qiu Zhao, Xu-Dong Peng, Qiang Xu, Qian Wang, Guo-Qiang Zhu and Chen-Yu Li
  2019,12(6):898-903 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.67 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Acute lens opacity induced by different kinds of anesthetic drugs in mice
  Xiao-Tong Li, Yu Qin, Jiang-Yue Zhao and Jin-Song Zhang
  2019,12(6):904-908 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.63 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Compound heterozygous mutations in CYP1B1 gene leads to severe primary congenital glaucoma phenotype
  Na Song, Lin Leng, Xue-Jiao Yang, Yu-Qing Zhang, Chun Tang, Wen-Shi Chen, Wei Zhu and Xian Yang
  2019,12(6):909-914 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.08 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Whole-exome sequencing identifies novel mutations in genes responsible for retinitis pigmentosa in 2 nonconsanguineous Chinese families
  Yan-Shan Hu, Hui Song, Yin Li, Zi-Yun Xiao and Tuo Li
  2019,12(6):915-923 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.82 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Elevated expression of TREK-TRAAK K2P channels in the retina of adult rd1 mice
  Xiao-Tong Zhang, Zhen Xu, Kang-Pei Shi, Dian-Lei Guo, Han Li, Lei Wang and Xiao-Bo Zhu
  2019,12(6):924-929 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.32 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Effects of astaxanthin on antioxidant parameters in ARPE-19 cells on oxidative stress model
  Yiğit Musa, Güneş Alime, Uğuz Cihangir, Yalçın Tök Özlem, Tök Levent, Öz Ahmi and Nazıroğlu Mustafa
  2019,12(6):930-935 [Abstract]  [View PDF(681.13 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Chronic photodamage in the chicken retina using 650-nm semiconductor laser
  Yi-Peng Wang, Ze-Yu Liang, Song Chen, Wen-Chao Yang and Jia-Hui Kong
  2019,12(6):936-942 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.35 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Clinical Research

Effect of lens constants optimization on the accuracy of intraocular lens power calculation formulas for highly myopic eyes
  Jia-Qing Zhang, Xu-Yuan Zou, Dan-Ying Zheng, Wei-Rong Chen, Ao Sun and Li-Xia Luo
  2019,12(6):943-948 [Abstract]  [View PDF(482.69 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Impact of ultrasound and optical biometry on refractive outcomes of cataract surgery after penetrating keratoplasty in keratoconus
  Katarzyna Krysik, Anita Lyssek-Boron, Dominika Janiszewska-Bil, Edward Wylegala and Dariusz Dobrowolski
  2019,12(6):949-953 [Abstract]  [View PDF(467.97 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Late in-the-bag spontaneous IOL dislocation: risk factors and surgical outcomes
  Sevgi Subasi, Nursen Yuksel, V. Levent Karabas and Busra Yilmaz Tugan
  2019,12(6):954-960 [Abstract]  [View PDF(327.84 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Effect of femtosecond laser-assisted lens surgery on the optic nerve head and the macula
  Josefina Reñones de Abajo, Beatriz Estévez Jorge, Jesús María González Martín, Humberto Carreras Díaz, Juan Francisco Loro Ferrer and Alfonso Antón López
  2019,12(6):961-966 [Abstract]  [View PDF(589.79 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Changes in intraocular pressure after intraocular eye surgery—the influence of measuring technique
  Hrvoje Kovacic, Roger C.W. Wolfs, Emine Kılıç and Wishal D. Ramdas
  2019,12(6):967-973 [Abstract]  [View PDF(665.76 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Combined treatment of phacoemulsification and single-port limited pars plana vitrectomy in acute angle-closure glaucoma
  Ha Jeong Noh and Seong Taeck Kim
  2019,12(6):974-979 [Abstract]  [View PDF(394.13 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Focal choroidal excavation complicated with choroidal neovascularization in young and middle aged patients
  Wen-Yi Tang, Ting Zhang, Qin-Meng Shu, Chun-Hui Jiang, Qing Chang, Hong Zhuang and Ge-Zhi Xu
  2019,12(6):980-984 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.08 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Renal function and choroidal thickness using swept-source optical coherence tomography in diabetic patients
  Antonio Manuel Garrido-Hermosilla, Mariola Méndez-Muros, Estanislao Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Cristóbal Morales-Portillo, María Jesús Díaz-Granda, Eduardo Esteban-González, Isabel Relimpio-López, María Asunción Martínez-Brocca and Enrique Rodríguez-de-la-Rúa-Franch
  2019,12(6):985-989 [Abstract]  [View PDF(646.92 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Disorganization of the retinal inner layers as a prognostic factor in eyes with central retinal artery occlusion
  Hayati Yilmaz and Ali H. Durukan
  2019,12(6):990-995 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.15 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
International multi-center study of iatrogenic retinal tears in pars plana vitrectomy
  Omar A. Saleh, Rami A. Al-Dwairi, Hasan Mohidat, Denis Jusufbegovic, Brooke Nesmith, Yoreh Barak, Michael Mimouni and Shlomit Schaal
  2019,12(6):996-1000 [Abstract]  [View PDF(301.08 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
B-scan ultrasound and cytology of the vitreous in primary central nervous system lymphoma with vitreoretinal involvement
  Jie Lai, Kun Chen, Hui-Min Shi, Lin Zhuang, Xian Zhou, Jian-Jiang Xiao, Yi Li, Bo-Bin Chen and Qing-Ping Wang
  2019,12(6):1001-1007 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.03 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]


The impact of GJA3 SNPs on susceptibility to age-related cataract
  Xia-Jing Tang, Xing-Chao Shentu, Ye-Lei Tang, Xi-Yuan Ping and Xiao-Ning Yu
  2019,12(6):1008-1011 [Abstract]  [View PDF(345.80 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Segmentation of retinal fluid based on deep learning: application of three-dimensional fully convolutional neural networks in optical coherence tomography images
  Meng-Xiao Li, Su-Qin Yu, Wei Zhang, Hao Zhou, Xun Xu, Tian-Wei Qian and Yong-Jing Wan
  2019,12(6):1012-1020 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.24 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Axial length/corneal radius of curvature ratio and refractive development evaluation in 3- to 4-year-old children: the Shanghai Pudong Eye Study
  Ke-Ke Zhao, Yuan Yang, Hong Wang, Lu Li, Zhao-Yang Wang, Fan Jiang and Ji-Fang Qu
  2019,12(6):1021-1026 [Abstract]  [View PDF(715.26 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]


The efficacy and safety of besifloxacin for acute bacterial conjunctivitis: a Meta-analysis
  Jun-Jie Wang, Xin-Yi Gao, Hong-Zhuo Li and Shan-Shuang Du
  2019,12(6):1027-1036 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.38 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Review Article

Visual problems: a review of prevalence studies on visual impairment in school-age children
  Uchenna C. Atowa, Rekha Hansraj and Samuel O. Wajuihian
  2019,12(6):1037-1043 [Abstract]  [View PDF(310.50 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Letter to the Editor

Ascher syndrome: a rare case of blepharochalasis combined with double lip and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  Zhan-Lin Zhao, Sheng-Ming Wang, Chun-Yi Shao and Yao Fu
  2019,12(6):1044-1046 [Abstract]  [View PDF(958.13 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Incomplete capsulotomy and lens fragmentation during femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery associated with emulsified anterior chamber silicone oil: a case report
  Wei Chen, Yong Wang, Jian Wu and Huai-Jin Guan
  2019,12(6):1047-1049 [Abstract]  [View PDF(968.79 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Ocular hypertension secondary to obesity: cortisol, the missing piece of the pathophysiological puzzle?
  Andrej Belančić, Marija Krpina, Sanja Klobučar Majanović and Maja Merlak
  2019,12(6):1050-1051 [Abstract]  [View PDF(268.93 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Increased intracranial pressure and macular thickening: is there a link?
  Hamid Sajjadi, Hossein Poorsalman and Mohammad-Ali Abtahi
  2019,12(6):1052-1055 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.43 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]


Comment on “Role of corneal collagen fibrils in corneal disorders and related pathological conditions”
  Khosrow Jadidi and Hossein Aghamollaei
  2019,12(6):1056 [Abstract]  [View PDF(201.12 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]