Volume 11,Issue 8,2018 Table of Contents

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Basic Research

Tranilast inhibits TGF-β-induced collagen gel contraction mediated by human corneal fibroblasts
  Ye Liu, Xiao-Jing Zhao, Xiao-Shuo Zheng, Hui Zheng, Lei Liu, Ling-Bin Meng, Qin Li and Yang Liu
  2018,11(8):1247-1252 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1005.85 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
In vitro inhibition of proliferation, migration and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of human lens epithelial cells by fasudil
  Jing-Zhi Shao, Ying Qi, Shan-Shan Du, Wen-Wen Du, Fu-Zhen Li and Feng-Yan Zhang
  2018,11(8):1253-1257 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.17 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Role of microRNA-21 in uveal melanoma cell invasion and metastasis by regulating p53 and its downstream protein
  Ying-Chih Wang, Xuan Yang, Wen-Bin Wei and Xiao-Lin Xu
  2018,11(8):1258-1268 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.77 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Inhibition of retinal angiogenesis by gold nanoparticles via inducing autophagy
  Ni Shen, Rui Zhang, Hao-Rui Zhang, Hao-Yang Luo, Wei Shen, Xin Gao, Da-Zhi Guo and Jie Shen
  2018,11(8):1269-1276 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.61 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Cytotoxic effect of interleukin-8 in retinal ganglion cells and its possible mechanisms
  Jing-Jing Wang, Walana Williams, Bing Wang, Jing Wei, Xia Lu, Jya-Wei Cheng, John R Gordon, Jing-Min Li and Fang Li
  2018,11(8):1277-1283 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.22 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Inhibition of LY294002 in retinal neovascularization via down-regulation the PI3K/AKT-VEGF pathway in vivo and in vitro
  Yu Di and Xiao-Long Chen
  2018,11(8):1284-1289 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.53 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Clinical Research

Long-term effect of triamcinolone acetonide in the treatment of upper lid retraction with thyroid associated ophthalmopathy
  Dong-Dong Xu, Yu Chen, Hai-Yan Xu, Hui Li, Zhu-Hua Zhang and Yu-Hua Liu
  2018,11(8):1290-1295 [Abstract]  [View PDF(669.85 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Lacrimal gland tumors in Turkey: types, frequency, and outcomes
  Yağmur Seda Yeşiltaş, Ahmet Kaan Gündüz, Esra Erden and Carol L. Shields
  2018,11(8):1296-1302 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.50 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Effect of intracorneal ring segment implantation on corneal asphericity
  Canan A. Utine, Ziya Ayhan and Ceren Durmaz Engin
  2018,11(8):1303-1307 [Abstract]  [View PDF(428.16 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Differences in energy and corneal endothelium between femtosecond laser-assisted and conventional cataract surgeries: prospective, intraindividual, randomized controlled trial
  Lucia Bascaran, Txomin Alberdi, Itziar Martinez-Soroa, Cristina Sarasqueta and Javier Mendicute
  2018,11(8):1308-1316 [Abstract]  [View PDF(731.95 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Comparison of diathermic high-frequency capsulorhexis and continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis in white cataract surgery
  Li Wang, Peng Li and Xiong Guo
  2018,11(8):1317-1321 [Abstract]  [View PDF(669.49 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Risk factors for flat anterior chamber after glaucoma filtration surgery
  Xiang-Ji Li, Richard Filek, Xiang-Ge He, Wei Wang, Hong Liu, Lian He, Yu-Rong Tang and Lin Xie
  2018,11(8):1322-1329 [Abstract]  [View PDF(464.33 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Comparison among Ocular Response Analyzer, Corvis ST and Goldmann applanation tonometry in healthy children
  Ramin Salouti, Ali agha Alishiri, Reza Gharebaghi, Mostafa Naderi, Khosrow Jadidi, Ahmad Shojaei-Baghini, Mohammadreza Talebnejad, Zahra Nasiri, Seyedmorteza Hosseini and Fatemeh Heidary
  2018,11(8):1330-1336 [Abstract]  [View PDF(600.37 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Melatonin concentrations in serum of primary glaucoma patients
  Xiao-Ping Ma, Man-Yi Shen, Guang-Lin Shen, Qiao-Ran Qi and Xing-Huai Sun
  2018,11(8):1337-1341 [Abstract]  [View PDF(342.36 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Intraocular retinal thickness asymmetry in early stage of primary open angle glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma
  Pei-Wen Lin, Hsueh-Wen Chang, Ing-Chou Lai, Jen-Chia Tsai and Yi-Chieh Poon
  2018,11(8):1342-1351 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.00 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Clinical features and surgical treatment of double elevator palsy in young children
  Wen-Ting Luo, Tong Qiao, Hai-Yun Ye, Si-Hong Li and Quan-Li Chen
  2018,11(8):1352-1357 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.31 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Relation between early postoperative deviation and long-term outcome after unilateral lateral rectus recession and medial rectus resection for adult exotropia
  Ponnarun Kanjanawasee, Pokpong Praneeprachachon and Parnchat Pukrushpan
  2018,11(8):1358-1362 [Abstract]  [View PDF(401.16 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Orbital decompression surgery for the treatment of Graves' ophthalmopathy: comparison of different techniques and long-term results
  Mehmet Ozgur Cubuk, Onur Konuk and Mehmet Unal
  2018,11(8):1363-1370 [Abstract]  [View PDF(595.56 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Evaluation of traumatic retinopathy with ultra-wide field imaging under corneal scar or fixed small pupil
  Min Tang, Yan-Nian Hui, You-Yi Li, Yue He, Yang Cao, Xiao-Hong Xiang and Hong-Bin Lyu
  2018,11(8):1371-1376 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.80 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]


Influence of severity and types of astigmatism on visual acuity in school-aged children in southern China
  Li-Li Wang, Wei Wang, Xiao-Tong Han and Ming-Guang He
  2018,11(8):1377-1383 [Abstract]  [View PDF(761.92 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Validation of Peek Acuity application in pediatric screening programs in Paraguay
  Bryce de Venecia, Yasmin Bradfield, Ralph Møller Trane, Alicia Bareiro and Miguel Scalamogna
  2018,11(8):1384-1389 [Abstract]  [View PDF(814.59 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Prevalence and characteristics of peripheral myopic retinopathy in Guangzhou office workers
  Ting Zhang, Yan-Tao Wei, Wen-Bin Huang, Rong-Jiao Liu, Ya-Jing Zuo, Li-Wen He, Li-Ting Zhong and Shao-Chong Zhang
  2018,11(8):1390-1395 [Abstract]  [View PDF(332.66 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]


A review of combined phacoemulsification and endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation: efficacy and safety
  Wen Sun, Chen-Ying Yu and Jian-Ping Tong
  2018,11(8):1396-1402 [Abstract]  [View PDF(286.47 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Intraocular lens optic capture in pediatric cataract surgery
  Ying-Bin Xie, Mei-Yu Ren, Qi Wang and Li-Hua Wang
  2018,11(8):1403-1410 [Abstract]  [View PDF(313.47 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Brief Report

Visual and morphological outcomes of vitreomacular traction syndrome in retinitis pigmentosa treated by vitrectomy
  Feng Yan, Feng-Jie Xia, Feng Jiang and Hyeong Gon Yu
  2018,11(8):1411-1415 [Abstract]  [View PDF(555.28 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Comparison of anterior segment optical coherence tomography findings in acanthamoeba keratitis and herpetic epithelial keratitis
  Young Min Park, Jong Soo Lee, Ji-Myong Yoo, Jong Moon Park, Seong-Wook Seo, In-Young Chung and Seong Jae Kim
  2018,11(8):1416-1420 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.66 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
Changes in interleukin-6 tear concentration and clinical outcome in moderate-to-severe bacterial corneal ulcers after corneal collagen cross-linking
  Marzarendra Dhion Erlangga, Indra Tri Mahayana, Jajah Fachiroh, Angela Nurini Agni, Agus Supartoto and Suhardjo Pawiroranu
  2018,11(8):1421-1424 [Abstract]  [View PDF(302.39 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Letter to the Editor

Choroidal neovascularization post macular surgery: a case series
  Georgios Tsokolas, Benjamin Clarke, Hussein Almuhtaseb and Bhaskar Gupta
  2018,11(8):1425-1429 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.08 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]
A challenging case of tuberculosis-associated uveitis after corticosteroid treatment for Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease
  Tian-Wei Qian, Su-Qin Yu and Xun Xu
  2018,11(8):1430-1432 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.80 M)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]

Comment and Response

Comment on “Management strategies in malignant glaucoma secondary to antiglaucoma surgery”
  Dan Călugăru and Mihai Călugăru
  2018,11(8):1433-1434 [Abstract]  [View PDF(240.26 K)]  [PMC FullText]  [HTML]