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20200101 Changes in corneal innervation and pain responses in fungal keratitis Chang-Jie Ren, Yi-Fan Zhou, Yuan Wu, Xu-Dong Peng, Cui Li, Qian Wang, Guo-Qiang Zhu, Jia You, Jie Zhang, Gui-Qiu Zhao and Jing Lin 2020,13(1):1-6 133
20200124 Proteome alterations in aqueous humour of primary open angle glaucoma patients Hanhan Liu, Fabian Anders, Sebastian Funke, Karl Mercieca, Franz Grus and Verena Prokosch 2020,13(1):176-179 125
20200103 Effects of epidermal growth factor on transforming growth factor-beta1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and potential mechanism in human corneal epithelial cells Shu-Yang Chen, Chen Xie, Hong Zhu and Ye Shen 2020,13(1):11-20 104
20200102 The expression of lacrimal androgen-binding proteins in mice Pseudomonas aeruginosa keratitis Le-Yu Lyu, Qian Wang, Qiang Xu, Wen-Yi Zhao, Hua Yang and Cheng-Ye Che 2020,13(1):7-10 102
20200107 Comparative clinical outcomes of Tecnis toric IOL implantation in femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery and conventional phacoemulsification surgery Kai-Ran Lai, Xiao-Bo Zhang, Yin-Hui Yu and Ke Yao 2020,13(1):49-53 100
20200125 Primary conjunctival tuberculosis in two middle-aged women Zhi-Qiao Liang, Qin Zhang, Ming-Wei Zhao, Xiao-Xin Li and Ming-Wu Li 2020,13(1):180-183 96
20200126 Ultrasound cyclo plasty for the management of glaucoma secondary to ocular irradiation for choroidal melanoma Stefano Sebastiani, Mónica Asencio-Durán, Cosme Lavín-Dapena, Beatriz Manzano-Muñoz, Oriana D’Anna-Mardero, Rosa Cordero-Ros, Marco Pellegrini, Federico Bernabei, Andrea Mercanti, Vincenzo Scorcia and Giuseppe Giannaccare 2020,13(1):184-188 90
20200104 Expression and role of autophagy related protein p62 and LC3 in the retina in a rat model of acute ocular hypertension Yu-Yu Wu, Bing-Ru Zheng, Wan-Zhu Chen, Mao-Sheng Guo, Yi-Hong Huang and Yan Zhang 2020,13(1):21-28 89
20200123 Molecular pathobiology of scleritis and its therapeutic implications Undurti N Das 2020,13(1):163-175 83
20200109 Accuracy of biometric formulae for intraocular lens power calculation in a teaching hospital Kevin S Tang, Elaine M Tran, Allison J Chen, David R Rivera, Jorge J Rivera and Paul B Greenberg 2020,13(1):61-65 80
20200111 Comparisons of ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer loss patterns and its diagnostic performance between normal tension glaucoma and primary open angle glaucoma: a detailed, severity-based study Xiao-Yu Xu, Kun-Bei Lai, Hui Xiao, Yi-Quan Lin, Xin-Xing Guo and Xing Liu 2020,13(1):71-78 74
20200117 Acute changes in ganglion cell layer thickness in ischemic optic neuropathy compared to optic neuritis using optical coherence tomography Peter W. MacIntosh, S. Vijay Kumar, V.R. Saravanan and Virna M. Shah 2020,13(1):120-123 68
20200115 Comparison of two different treatment regimens’ efficacy in neovascular age-related macular degeneration in Turkish population—based on real life data-Bosphorus RWE Study Group Burak Erden, Selim Bölükbaşı, Abdullah Özkaya, Levent Karabaş, Cengiz Alagöz, Zeynep Alkın, Özgür Artunay, Sadık Etka Bayramoğlu, Gökhan Demir, Mehmet Demir, Ali Demircan, Gürkan Erdoğan, Mehmet Erdoğan, Erdem Eriş, Havva Kaldırım, İsmail Umut Onur, Özen Ayrancı Osmanbaşoğlu, Sezin Özdoğan Erkul, Mine Öztürk, İrfan Perente, Kübra Sarıcı, Nihat Sayın, Dilek Yaşa, İhsan Yılmaz and Zeynep Yılmazabdurrahmanoğlu 2020,13(1):104-111 68
20200114 Comparison of OCT and OCTA manifestations among untreated PCV, neovascular AMD, and CSC in Chinese population Ming-Zhen Yuan, Lu-Lu Chen, Jing-Yuan Yang, Ming-Yue Luo and You-Xin Chen 2020,13(1):93-103 68
20200106 Different modes of foveal regeneration after closure of full-thickness macular holes by (re)vitrectomy and autologous platelet concentrate Andreas Bringmann, Claudia Jochmann, Jan Darius Unterlauft, Renate Wiedemann, Matus Rehak and Peter Wiedemann 2020,13(1):36-48 68
20200105 Is there a primitive reflex residue underlying Marcus Gunn Syndrome? Rat electrophysiology Ying Qiao, Hou-Cheng Liang, Jing-Dong Zhang, Pi-Fu Luo, An-Le Su, Ting Zhang and Hong-Na Zhu 2020,13(1):29-35 68
20200108 Ocular bacterial infections at a tertiary eye center in China: a 5-year review of pathogen distribution and antibiotic sensitivity Wen Gao, Tian Xia, Hua-Bo Chen, Xiao-Jing Pan, Yu-Sen Huang, Xin Wang, Yan-Ling Dong and Li-Xin Xie 2020,13(1):54-60 67
20200112 Effect of different lens status on intraocular pressure elevation in patients treated with anti-vascular endothelial growth factor injections Amir Sternfeld, Rita Ehrlich, Dov Weinberger and Assaf Dotan 2020,13(1):79-84 66
20200121 Vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling versus its flap insertion for macular hole in high myopia: a Meta-analysis Ya-Jun Wu, Jie Rao, Kang-Rui Wu, Na Wu, Yi Cheng, Xiao-Xuan Xu, Li Yan, Yi Shao, Yu Tian and Xiao-Rong Wu 2020,13(1):141-148 66
20200110 Evaluation of functional outcome and stability of sutureless scleral tunnel fixated IOLs in children with ectopia lentis Anju Rastogi, Prateek Kumar, Shweta Dhiman, Manisha Mishra, Kamlesh Anand and Ankita Bhardwaj 2020,13(1):66-70 65