Ranking of the papers with high impact by year

Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
20210105 A multi-omics study on cutaneous and uveal melanoma Qi Zhang, Ze-Nan Lin, Jie Chen and Wen-Xu Zheng 2021,14(1):32-41 56
20210106 Effects of quercetin on diabetic retinopathy and its association with NLRP3 inflammasome and autophagy Rong Li, Lin Chen, Guo-Min Yao, Hong-Lin Yan and Li Wang 2021,14(1):42-49 42
20210101 Response of L V Prasad Eye Institute to COVID-19 outbreak in India: experience at its tertiary eye care centre and adoption to its Eye Health Pyramid Rohit C Khanna, Prashant Garg, Pravin K Vaddavalli, Merle Fernandes, Suryasnata Rath, Sameera Nayak, Raja Narayanan, Rajeev Reddy Pappuru, Swathi Kaliki, Anthony Vipin Das, Savitri Sharma and Subhadra Jalali 2021,14(1):1-9 40
20210114 Endogenous fungal endophthalmitis: risk factors, clinical course, and visual outcome in 13 patients Jamel Corredores, Itzhak Hemo, Tareq Jaouni, Zohar Habot-Wilner, Michal Kramer, Shiri Shulman, Haneen Jabaly-Habib, Ala'a Al-Talbishi, Michael Halpert, Edward Averbukh, Jaime Levy, Iris Deitch-Harel and Radgonde Amer 2021,14(1):97-105 37
20210102 Preliminary studies of constructing a tissue-engineered lamellar corneal graft by culturing mesenchymal stem cells onto decellularized corneal matrix Yu-Jie Cen, De-Bo You, Wei Wang and Yun Feng 2021,14(1):10-18 34
20210103 Therapeutic potential of Rho-associated kinase inhibitor Y27632 in corneal endothelial dysfunction: an in vitro and in vivo study Yao-Wen Song, Jun-Yu Chen, Xu Li, Li Wang and Zhi-Qiang Pan 2021,14(1):19-25 33
20210107 RNA interference targeting NOX4 protects visual function in an experimental model of retinal detachment by alleviating blood-retinal barrier damage Kai Dong, Nan Yang, Jie Ding, Yuan-Ye Yan, Li Lu and Yi-Sai Wang 2021,14(1):50-56 31
20210117 Vitreoretinal surgeons’ experience and time interval from pars-plana vitrectomy to cataract extraction Yan-Xin Xu, Liang-Ping Liu, Jian-Bing Li, Huan-Huan Cheng, Min Hou, Lin Lu and Ming-Xing Wu 2021,14(1):120-126 29
20210301 [Online First]Corneal stromal mesenchymal stem cells: Reconstructing a bioactive cornea and repairing the corneal limbus and stromal microenvironment Xian-Ning Liu1, Sheng-Li Mi 2,3, Yun Chen2, Yao Wang1 2021,14(3):Epub-Epub 28
20210119 Epidemiology and risk factors for sports- and recreation-related eye injury: a multicenter prospective observational study Dong Eun Lee, Hyun Wook Ryoo, Sungbae Moon, Jae Yun Ahn, Jung Ho Kim and Jong-Yeon Kim 2021,14(1):133-140 27
20210104 Changes of matrix metalloproteinases in the stroma after corneal cross-linking in rabbits Hong-Zhen Jia, Xu Pang and Xiu-Jun Peng 2021,14(1):26-31 26
20210108 Exploratory study of non-invasive, high-resolution functional macular imaging in subjects with diabetic retinopathy Thalmon R. Campagnoli, Gábor Márk Somfai, Jing Tian, Delia Cabrera DeBuc and William E. Smiddy 2021,14(1):57-63 24
20210115 Risk factors for persistent epiphora following successful canalicular laceration repair Ying-Yan Qin, Zuo-Hong Li, Feng-Bin Lin, Yu Jia, Jun Mao, Cong-Yao Wang and Xuan-Wei Liang 2021,14(1):106-111 22
20210113 Corneal epithelial thickness analysis of forme fruste keratoconus with optical coherence tomography Xiao-Long Yang, Yun Wang, Bao-Gen Luo, Yue Xu and Xiao-Feng Zhang 2021,14(1):89-96 22
20210112 Leptin’s concentration in tears and dry eye: a clinical observational study Ran Hao, Yan Liu and Xue-Min Li 2021,14(1):83-88 22
20210218 Analysis of the etiologies, treatments and prognoses in children and adolescent vitreous hemorrhage Zheng-Wei Liu, Jie Peng, Chun-Li Chen, Xue-Hao Cui and Pei-Quan Zhao 2021,14(2):299-305 22
20210110 Long-term follow-up of cataract surgery in eyes filled with silicone oil Piotr Kanclerz, Christoph Leisser, Andrzej Grzybowski and Pawel Lipowski 2021,14(1):72-75 21
20210109 Visual outcomes of surgical and conservative treatment in children with small posterior polar cataracts and posterior lenticonus Hui Chen, Wan Chen, Xiang-Hua Wu, Zhuo-Ling Lin, Jing-Jing Chen, Xiao-Yan Li, Wei-Rong Chen and Hao-Tian Lin 2021,14(1):64-71 21
20210120 Association between retinopathy, nephropathy, and periodontitis in type 2 diabetic patients: a Meta-analysis Hui-Qun Wu, Xiao Wei, Jin-Yi Yao, Jian-Yan Qi, Hui-Min Xie, Ai-Min Sang and Kui Jiang 2021,14(1):141-147 21
20210122 A direct observation of aqueous humour flow in vivo after implantable collamer lens with a central hole implantation Mei-Yan Li, Feng Zhao, Pei-Jun Yao, Ying-Jun Chen, Ruo-Yan Wei and Xing-Tao Zhou 2021,14(1):160-162 21