Featured Articles in International Journal of Ophthalmology Vol.12 No.9, 2019


Clinical Research

Does the scleral encircling band provide a protective effect against the progression of diabetic retinopathy?


Hossam Youssef Abouelkheir, Amani E Badawi, Amr M. Abdelkader, Amr El-Kanishy, Sameh Saleh, Waleed Ali Abou Samra, Manal Ali Kasem, Tharwat Mokbel

Although several studies have evaluated the protective and risk factors of diabetic retinopathy (DR) progression, the impact of the scleral buckling on DR has not been elaborated. This study observed and recorded the relation between the encircling band and progression of DR and aimed to find out if there a protective effect of an encircling band by comparing both eyes of the same diabetic patient: the operated eye with encircling band and the other non-operated eye over a sufficient period of time. The results show that encircling bands have protective effects against the development and progression of DR.





Basic Research

SUMOylation and deacetylation affect NF-κB p65 activity induced by high glucose in human lens epithelial cells

类泛素化修饰和脱乙酰化对高浓度葡萄糖诱导晶状体上皮细胞NF-κB p65活性的影响

Xiao Han, Xiao-Xuan Dong, Ming-Yu Shi, Li Feng, Xin-Ling Wang, Jin-Song Zhang, Qi-Chang Yan


SUMOylation and deacetylation are both posttranslational modification, which have been validated to protect target proteins from degradation. SUMO1 and SIRT1 are the most crucial members of SUMOylation and deacetylation. The study was first to determine that SUMO1 and SIRT1 were expressed and influenced by high glucose owing to oxidative stress in human lens epithelial cells. IκBα SUMOylation and NF-κB p65 deacetylation affected NF-κB p65 activity, which was involved in oxidative stress reaction and inhibiting lens opacification in human lens epithelial cells. SUMOylation and deacetylation may be potential therapeutic targets for the treatment of diabetic cataract.

类泛素化修饰和脱乙酰作用均为翻译后修饰,已被证实可以保护靶蛋白不被降解。SUMO1SIRT1是类泛素化修饰和脱乙酰作用的主要因子。该研究首次确定了由于氧化应激SUMO1SIRT1可在高糖状态下人晶体上皮细胞表达并被高糖影响。 IκBα类泛素化修饰和NF-κB p65脱乙酰作用影响NF-κB p65的活性,这与氧化应激反应和抑制人晶体上皮细胞的晶体混浊有关。类泛素化修饰和脱乙酰作用可能是糖尿病性白内障的潜在治疗靶点。






Follow the nevus: the cost-utility of monitoring for growth of choroidal nevi


Alexander S. Barsam, Allister Gibbons, Andrew J. McClellan, J. William Harbour, William E. Smiddy


The study aimed to develop a model to evaluate the cost-utility of choroidal nevi monitoring recommendations with varying clinical risk factors. The authors created a Markov model to evaluate the cost-utility in cost per quality-adjusted life-year ($/QALY) for monitoring patients with choroidal nevus. Main outcome measures were average $/QALY saved by consensus recommended monitoring scenarios for the duration of a patient’s remaining life expectancy in comparison with no follow-up, and the cost-utility of modified regimens. The results indicated that the average $/QALY of currently recommended monitoring scenarios fall within economically acceptable standards and could provide insight for formulating appropriate clinical strategies.






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