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Sensitized heat shock protein 27 induces retinal ganglion cells apoptosis in rat glaucoma model


Wei Zhao, Le Dai, Xiao-Ting Xi, Qian-Bo Chen, Mei-Xia An, Yan Li


The laboratory tests of autoimmune diseases, especially the detection of autoantibodies, have been becoming an important and effective method in clinic. Analysis of autoantibodies can provide an objective basis for the differential diagnosis. This study aimed to investigate the relationships between the changes of heat shock protein 27 antibody (anti-HSP27) in serum/cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), intraocular pressure (IOP), retinal ganglion cell (RGC) apoptosis in a rat glaucoma model and disclose the underlying pathogenesis of glaucoma. The results show that the increases of anti-HSP27 levels in serum and CSFs both promote IOP escalation and the increase of RGC apoptosis in retina when anti-HSP27 was at low level. The case of high-level anti-HSP27 is opposite and shows protective function in preventing IOP increase and RGC apoptosis.





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Stability of the Barrett True-K formula for intraocular lens power calculation after SMILE in Chinese myopic eyes


Wei Zhu, Feng-Ju Zhang, Yu Li, Yan-Zheng Song


This article compared the Barrett True-K formula with other formulas integrated in Lenstar 900 to predict intraocular lens (IOL) power after small-incision lenticule extraction (SMILE). Results showed that the prediction of equivalent IOL power was more stable for the Barrett True-K formula, especially in long axial length eyes. These findings could serve as a reference for cataract surgeons when choosing IOL formulas.



Barrett True-K公式用于中国近视眼SMILE术后人工晶体屈光度计算的稳定性

该文章比较了Barrett True-K公式与其他公式结合Lenstar 900预测SMILE术后的人工晶体屈光度。结果表明,Barrett True-K公式等效人工晶体屈光度的预测更加稳定,尤其是长眼轴患者。这些发现可以为白内障手术医生在选择人工晶体计算公式时提供参考。

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Elevated VEGF-A & PLGF concentration in aqueous humor of patients with uveal melanoma following Iodine-125 plaque radiotherapy


Meng-Xi Chen, Yue-Ming Liu, Yang Li, Xuan Yang, Wen-Bin Wei


The study aimed to measure the concentration of vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A), and placental growth factor (PLGF) in aqueous humor of uveal melanoma patients before and after Iodine-125 plaque therapy (IPT), determine the postoperative fluctuation and evaluate associated factors in vivo. This study showed that VEGF-A and PLGF in aqueous humor significantly increased with tumor thickness and radiation process in uveal melanoma patients. VEGF-A and PLGF may be crucial in uveal melanoma genesis and radiotherapy reactions. Immune mediators comprised IFN-γ, IL-2 and IL-10 could play roles in the link between inflammation and angiogenesis in uveal melanoma when exposed to radiotherapy.





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Non-simulator-based techniques in teaching direct ophthalmoscopy for medical students: a systematic review


Udagedara Mudiyanselage Jayami Eshana Samaranayake, Yasith Mathangasinghe, Udagedara Mudiyanselage Navami Pavithra Samaranayake, Manawattalage Wijayatunga


Direct ophthalmoscopy skill training plays a vital role in undergraduate medical education as it is being used constantly in daily clinical practice in diagnosing many disease conditions. In most countries including Asia, non-simulator techniques of direct ophthalmoscopy are being used for undergraduate teaching purposes. The authors included the studies that conducted different non-simulator-based ophthalmoscopy teaching methods through undergraduate medical curricula. Through the review, the authors concluded that non-simulator-based techniques such as use of fundal photograph matching of an eye of a volunteer, introduction to eye pathologies, smaller student groups and formal instructions with video demonstrations prior to skills training were highly effective in teaching direct ophthalmoscopy for undergraduate medical students.





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