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Highlight Articles in Int J Ophthalmol Vol.15 No.9 2022



Corneal histomorphology and electron microscopic observation of R124L mutated corneal dystrophy in a relapsed pedigree

Meng-Jun Fu, Jing Zhao, Shan Duan, Hao-Run Zhang, Jing-Jing Zhao, Li Zeng, Rui Wang, Xing-Tao Zhou


This study investigated the histological characteristics and ultrastructure of recurrent Chinese R124L mutated corneal dystrophy after keratoplasty. The subjects were enrolled from a Chinese family of corneal dystrophy with R124L heterozygous gene mutation and with a history of consanguineous marriage. Normal corneal samples were used as controls. The results showed in the Chinese family of recurrent corneal dystrophy with R124L gene mutation, the corneal epithelia of the recurrent cases are rougher, and the corneal depositions are extracellular amyloid fibrin.






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Effect of 0.01% atropine eyedrops on intraocular pressure in schoolchildren: a randomized clinical trial

Javaria Bukhari, Shi-Fei Wei, Shi-Ming Li, Wen-Zai An, Jia-Ling Du, Xin-Tong Liang, Jia-He Gan, Jia-Xin Tian, Wei-Ling Bai, Zhi-Ning Cai, Lei Yin, Ning-Li Wang


This placebo-controlled, double-masked, randomized trial of one year study aims to assess the effect of 0.01% atropine eye drops on intraocular pressure (IOP) in myopic children. A total of 220 children aged 6 to 12y with myopia were recruited into the study, with equal randomization to the 0.01% atropine and the placebo groups. At one year follow-up, the mean change of IOP was 0.16 mm Hg for the 0.01% atropine group and -0.11 mm Hg for placebo group (P=0.525) after adjusting for central corneal thickness. It is concluded that 0.01% of atropine eye drops did not induce a rise in IOP in this study, and 0.01% of atropine eye drops are relatively safe to use in myopic children. In the future, further studies can conduct more details with a larger sample size and more years of follow-up to authenticate the findings.





研究者通过为期一年的安慰剂对照、双盲、随机试验评估0.01%阿托品滴眼液对近视儿童眼压的影响。共有220612岁的近视儿童被纳入该研究,随机分为0.01%阿托品组和安慰剂组。在一年的随访中,校正角膜中央厚度后,0.01%阿托品组的平均眼压变化为0.16 mm Hg,安慰剂组的平均眼压变化为-0.11 mm Hg (P=0.525)。表明0.01%的阿托品滴眼液并不会引起眼压升高,0.01%的阿托品滴眼剂用于近视儿童是相对安全的。今后,可通过扩大样本量和增加随访年限来进一步验证研究结果。

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Reproducibility of macular perfusion parameters in non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy patients by two different OCTA sweep modes

Shen Qu, Ao Rong, Yun-Li Niu, Xin Liu, Yu-Shan Zhang, Chun-Yu Liu, Yan-Long Bi


The study was aimed to assess the reproducibility of macular perfusion parameters in non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy (NPDR) patients measured by different examiners and two different sweep modes of optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA). Cirrus OCTA can measure macular perfusion parameters in NPDR patients with excellent reproducibility. The measurements of foveal avascular zone and vessel density in the superficial retinal layer determined by Angiography 3×3 and 6×6 mm2 sweep mode are highly consistent and both sweep modes are suitable for macular perfusion parameters measurement.





该研究旨在评估通过不同的检查者和两种不同扫描模式的光学相干断层扫描血管造影(OCTA)测量非增殖性糖尿病视网膜病变(NPDR)患者黄斑区灌注参数的重复性。Cirrus OCTA可以测量NPDR患者的黄斑区灌注参数,重复性好。血管造影3×36×6 mm2扫描模式对视网膜中心凹浅层无血管区和血管密度的测量具有高度一致性,两种扫描模式均适用于黄斑区灌注参数的测量。

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COVID-19 infection with keratitis as the first clinical manifestation

Dong-Mei Zuo, Lin-Ping Xue, Heng Fan, Sheng-Li Yang, Liang-Chang Li, Ji-Hong Luo, Shuo Zang, Jun Xiao


This study aimed to report a case which COVID-19 infection with keratitis as the first clinical manifestation that occurred 3 days earlier than the common COVID-19 symptoms. A 35-year-old male suddenly suffered pain, photophobia, and tears in his right eye for one day without systemic COVID-19 symptoms. Patient was diagnosed with keratitis, ganciclovir eye drop was initiated. After that, the corneal scraping test for COVID-19 was positive. The chest CT images were abnormal confirming the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection. It turns out the earlier a COVID-19 symptom is identified, the earlier can a patient be directed to stay at home, and significantly fewer people would be infected.






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