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Highlight Articles in Int J Ophthalmol Vol.15 No.11 2022



Effect of FFP2/N95 facemask wear on retinal and choroidal thickness profile in healthy subjects

Betul Onal Gunay, Irfan Akalin, Ahmet Kalkisim, Cenap Mahmut Esenulku, Elif Betul Turkoglu


This study aims to investigate the influence of non-oil 95 (N95)/filtering facepiece 2 (FFP2) facemask wear on retinal thickness, choroidal thickness (CT), retinal nerve fiber layer thickness (RNFLT), and ganglion cell layer thickness (GCLT) in healthy subjects. In this prospective study, 53 healthy participants were enrolled and underwent optical coherence tomography imaging. Each participant was invited to wear FFP2/N95 facemask (3M VFlexTM 9152E) following baseline examination at 8.00 a.m. Consecutive measurements were taken at 1 and 4h after FFP2/N95 facemask wear. Last measurements were done 1h following FFP2/N95 facemask removal. The results show that parasympathetic activation during FFP2/N95 facemask wear might have a role on elevated CT measurements in healthy individuals by virtue of increased choroidal blood flow. One can analyze choroidal hemodynamics to better expose the impact of FFP2/N95 facemask wear on choroid.





该前瞻性研究旨在评价健康受试者佩戴N95/FFP2口罩对视网膜厚度、脉络膜厚度、视网膜神经纤维层厚度和神经节细胞层厚度的影响。研究共纳入53名健康参与者进行光学相干断层成像检查。在上午8时进行基线检查后,每位受试者佩戴FFP2/N95口罩(3M VFlexTM 9152E)。在佩戴FFP2/N95口罩后的1小时和4小时分别进行测量。FFP2/N95口罩摘掉1h后进行最后一次测量。研究结果表明,健康个体在佩戴FFP2/N95口罩期间可能由于副交感神经激活,脉络膜血流量增加,引起脉络膜厚度测量值的升高。可进一步通过分析脉络膜血流动力学以更好地揭示佩戴FFP2/N95口罩对脉络膜的影响。

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A modified 3D stereophotogrammetry-based distraction test for assessing lower eyelid tension

Xiao-Yi Hou, Alexander C. Rokohl, Marius M. Meinke, Sen-Mao Li, Ming Lin, Ren-Bing Jia, Yong-Wei Guo, Ludwig M. Heindl


Numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate the assessment of lower eyelid tension (LET) using various devices. However, most of these instruments were considered infeasible due to their highly variable displacement distances and the over-estimated LET. With the development of high-resolution three-dimensional (3D) stereophotogrammetry, the digital system has been utilized in the measurement of the normal anthropometric parameters of the cranial, facial, and periocular regions. However, only a few studies have investigated the application of 3D imaging systems in functional eyelid tests. Hence, in the present study, the authors aim to investigate the reliability of a modified 3D based distraction test (3D-DT) for the evaluation of LET. The study results prove that the modified 3D-DT can be a highly reliable method for evaluating LET. Furthermore, this novel and simple method may be utilized as the basis for further investigation and routine pre- and postoperative clinical evaluation.






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Clinical efficacy of botulinum toxin type A on acute acquired comitant esotropia

Xiao-Qi Huang, Xue-Min Hu, Yi-Jia Zhao, Mei-Hong Ye, Bei-Xi Yi, Lian-Hong Zhou


This study investigated the effects of micro-injection of botulinum toxin A (BTXA) on acute acquired comitant esotropia (AACE). A total of 33 AACE patients who underwent BTXA micro-injection at Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University from September 1st, 2019 to July 1st, 2021 were retrospective analysed. Esotropia, eye alignment, stereopsis and complications were examined at baseline, 1wk, 1, 3, and 6mo after injection. The result shows success rates were 96.97%, 96.97%, 93.94% and 87.88%, respectively at 1wk, 1, 3, and 6mo after injection. Micro-injection of BTXA into the medial rectus for the treatment of AACE can reduce the esotropia deviation angle, alleviate symptoms of diplopia and reconstruct stereoacuity. The operation is relatively safe with few complications and is worthy of clinical promotion.





该研究探讨微量注射A型肉毒毒素治疗急性获得性共同性内斜视的临床疗效。作者回顾性分析了201991日至202171日在武汉大学人民医院接受A型肉毒毒素微量注射的33例急性获得性共同性内斜视患者。分别于注射前,注射后1周、136个月时检查斜视度、眼位、立体视及并发症。结果表明,治疗后1周、136个月的成功率分别为96.97%, 96.97%, 93.94%87.88%。急性获得性共同性内斜视患者内直肌微量注射A型肉毒毒素治疗可减小内斜角,缓解复视症状,修复立体视觉。该手术相对安全,并发症少,值得临床推广。

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