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201104027 Correction of extreme hyperopia: artisan iris-fixated intraocular lens implantation for pseudophakia after clear lens extraction Wen Xu,Pan-Pan Ye,Zhao-Chun Li,Ke Yao,Feng-Ying He,Jun-Ting Shi and Jun Liu 2011,4(4):454-457 3717
200802006 Combined scleral buckle and vitrectomy as a primary surgery for pseudophakic and aphakic retinal detachments Bo Qin,Li-Na Huang,Tie-Ying Zhao and Hong-Bo Cheng 2008,1(2):117-118 2374
20130102 Inhibition of RhoA/Rho-kinase pathway suppresses the expression of extracellular matrix induced by CTGF or TGF- β in ARPE-19 Jing Zhu,Duy Nguyen,Hong Ouyang,Xiao-Hui Zhang,Xiao-Ming Chen and Kang Zhang 2013,6(1):8-14 1802
ijo-5-630 Conductive keratoplasty: an approach for the correction of residual hyperopia in post-lasik pseudophakia Pan-Pan Ye,Wen Xu,He-Sheng Xu,Zhao-Chun Li,Jun-Ting Shi,Feng-Ying He and Ke Yao 2012,5(5):630-633 1561
20170613 Evaluation of visual quality of spherical and aspherical intraocular lenses by Optical Quality Analysis System Yan Chen,Xue Wang,Chuan-Di Zhou and Qiang Wu 2017,10(6):914-918 1533
20130122 Treatment of traumatic globe dislocated completely into the maxillary sinus Bei Xu,Xue-Liang Xu and Jia Yan 2013,6(1):106-107 1528
20130109 Efficacy of Seprafilm® graft with adhesiolysis in experimentally induced lid adhesion in rabbits Sang Wook Jin,Hee Bae Ahn,Mi Sook Roh,Yoon Hyung Kwon and Won Yeol Ryu 2013,6(1):44-49 1523
201201001 A comparing study of quantitative staining techniques for retinal neovascularization in a mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy Xiao-Ling Liang,Jie Li,Fang Chen,Xiao-Yan Ding,Xiu-Xia Yang and Liao-Xu Long 2012,5(1):1-6 1506
201003009 Effect of ginsenoside-Rg3 on the expression of VEGF and TNF-α in retina with diabetic rats Hong-Quan Sun and Zhan-Yu Zhou 2010,3(3):220-223 1470
201004015 Management of morderate-to-severe Marcus-Gunn syndrome by anastomosis of levator and frontal muscles Nan Xiang,Wei-Kun Hu,Bin Li and Rong Liu 2010,3(4):342-345 1437
200902001 HIV/AIDS and ocular complications Sui-Yi Tan,Shu-Wen Liu and Shi-Bo Jiang 2009,2(2):95-105 1338
200802015 The measurement of anterior chamber depth and axial length with the IOLMaster compared with contact ultrasonic axial scan Quan-Hao Bai,Jun-Li Wang,Qing-Qiang Wang,Qi-Chang Yan and Jin-Song Zhang 2008,1(2):151-154 1266
20130325 Nanoparticles in the ocular drug delivery Hong-Yan Zhou,Ji-Long Hao,Shuang Wang,Yu Zheng and Wen-Song Zhang 2013,6(3):390-396 1245
ijo-5-591 Non-buckled vitrectomy for retinal detachment with inferior breaks and proliferative vitreoretinophathy Yan Sheng,Wen Sun,Bin Mo,Ya-Jie Yu,Yang-Shun Gu and Wu Liu 2012,5(5):591-595 1184
201204014 Comparison of the SchirmerⅠtest with and without topical anesthesia for diagnosing dry eye Na Li,Xin-Guo Deng and Mei-Feng He 2012,5(4):478-481 1129
201204016 Reconstruction of complex orbital fracture with titanium implants Wen-Shu Yi,Xue-Liang Xu,Jian-Rong Ma and Xin-Rong Ou 2012,5(4):488-492 1122
201201024 Corneal endothelial decompensation secondary to iridoschisis in degenerative myopic eyes: a case report Hong-Bin Wang,Yong-Xia Hu and Xue Feng 2012,5(1):116-118 1075
201001019 Risk factor analysis of 167 patients with high myopia Ya Mo,Ming-Fang Wang and Lu-Lu Zhou 2010,3(1):80-82 1051
200901020 Prevalence and risk factors of pterygium Peng Lü and Xiao-Ming Chen 2009,2(1):82-85 1024
200801017 Evaluation of the acute effect of Sildenafil citrate on visual function in patients with early -stage age related macular degeneration Neveen Mostafa Sabra Ibrahim,Hisham Aly Hashem and Ahmed Youssef Helal 2008,1(1):70-73 1010