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20190220 The relationship of blood cell-associated inflammatory indices and diabetic retinopathy: a Meta-analysis and systematic review Wen-Juan Luo and Wen-Fang Zhang 2019,12(2):312-323 63303
201001016 Surgical outcome of 21 patients with congenital upper eyelid coloboma Arshad Ali Lodhi,Sameen Afzal Junejo,Mahtab Alam Khanzada,Imran Akram Sahaf and Zahid Kamal Siddique 2010,3(1):69-72 59399
20160308 Safety of intravitreal quinupristin/dalfopristin in an animal model Veronica E. Giordano,Sergio E. Hernandez-Da Mota,Tania N. Adabache-Guel,Armando Castillejos-Chevez,Sonia Corredor-Casas,Samantha M. Salinas-Longoria,Rafael Romero-Vera,Juan M. Jimenez-Sierra,Jose L. Guerrero-Naranjo and Virgilio Morales-Canton 2016,9(3):373-378 50352
20170520 Ocular manifestation and their associated factors among HIV/AIDS patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy in Southern Ethiopia Anteneh Amsalu,Kindie Desta,Demiss Nigussie and Demoze Delelegne 2017,10(5):776-781 49686
ijo-5-634 Superglue injuries of the eye Sagili Chandrasekhara Reddy 2012,5(5):634-637 6114
20130501 Tests for malingering in ophthalmology Ali Ihsan Incesu 2013,6(5):708-717 5917
20140313 A near-vision chart for children aged 3-5 years old:new designs and clinical applications Yang-Qing Huang,He Huang and Rong-Zhi Huang 2014,7(3):457-462 5875
201105019 Malingering or simulation in ophthalmology-visual acuity Ali Ihsan Incesu and Güng?r Sobac? 2011,4(5):558-566 5391
201004009 Comparison of fibrin glue and suture technique in pterygium surgery performed with limbal autograft Bora Yüksel,Sultan Kaya ünsal and Sevgi Onat 2010,3(4):316-320 5343
201004023 Aniridia rings implantation for treatment of congenital aniridia combined with cataract surgery: a case report Juan-Juan Li,Yun-Peng Li and Zhu-Lin Hu 2010,3(4):368-369 5070
201106015 Cod liver oil: a potential protective supplement for human glaucoma Wen-Bin Huang,Qian Fan and Xiu-Lan Zhang 2011,4(6):648-651 4913
201104020 Epidemiology and molecular genetics of congenital cataracts Jun Yi,Jun Yun,Zhi-Kui Li,Chang-Tai Xu and Bo-Rong Pan 2011,4(4):422-432 4765
201004016 Prevention of exposure keratopathy in intensive care unit Hua Shan and Du Min 2010,3(4):346-348 4537
201003018 Therapeutic efficacy of intracameral amphotericin B injection for 60 patients with keratomycosis Yi Shao,Yao Yu,Chong-Gang Pei,Ye-Hui Tan,Qiong Zhou,Jing-Lin Yi and Gui-Ping Gao 2010,3(3):257-260 4530
201105012 Awareness of eye complications and prevalence of retinopathy in the first visit to eye clinic among type 2 diabetic patients I Tajunisah,PS Wong,LT Tan,P Rokiah and SC Reddy 2011,4(5):519-524 4275
20170322 Refractive error study in young subjects: results from a rural area in Paraguay Isabel Signes-Soler, José Luis Hernández-Verdejo, Miguel Angel Estrella Lumeras, Elena Tomás Verduras and David P. Piñero 2017,10(3):467-472 4260
201201012 Comparison of design of intraocular lens versus the material for PCO prevention Sarbani Hazra,Himangshu Palui and Geeta K Vemuganti 2012,5(1):59-63 4145
201103018 Head trauma can cause transient elevation of intraocular pressure in patients with open angle glaucoma Hong Wei and George L. Spaeth 2011,4(3):298-302 4066
ijo-5-600 Clinical presentation of a mixed 23-gauge infusion and 20-gauge pars plana technique for active silicone oil removal Jian-Qin Lei,An-Ming Xie and Qiang Shi 2012,5(5):600-604 3899
201003008 Differentiation of mesenchymal stem cell in the microenviroment of retinitis pigmentosa Dong-Mei Huo,Fang-Tian Dong,Wei-Hong Yu and Fei Gao 2010,3(3):216-219 3893